Cast Stone fireplace surrounds bring a unique an elegant touch to many homes. Although installing cast stone fireplace mantels seems like a daunting task, DeVinci Cast Stone has made an immense effort to make the process as easy as possible. Below you will find the top 15 items that are needed to install your cast stone mantel.

Items which are provided by DeVinci Cast Stone:

Although this article is focused on what the customer or installer will need to provide, below is a short list of what DeVinci Cast Stone provides with every mantel we ship out for your convenience.


  • Mortar Kit (Powdered Mortar and Polyplex Bottle for finish pointing and patching only) – DeVinci provides color matching powdered mortar with all cast stone surrounds. Mixing instructions for the mortar and Polyplex can be found in your installation guide.
  • ¼” Plastic Shims – Shims are provided and to be used as spacers to keep the joints between all surfaces at 1/4″.
  • Installation Brackets (for anchorage to wall) – Installation bracket styles, sizes, and amounts may vary depending on what surround has been purchased. Along with your installation manual, you should find a document will all included items in the crate.
  • ¼” Smooth S.S. Pins – Any stainless steel pins provided will be used to anchor the mantel shelf pieces to the header of the surround.
  • Plastic Grouting Bags – Grout bags are provided to allow for easy pointing and installation of grout at all joints.

Items which need to be provided by the installer or customer:

Although the below items are considered necessary, you may find that substitutes for these items can be used in place of what is listed. We have provided a gallery below with images for your reference. 


  1. Tape Measure
  2. Impact Driver w/ #2 Phillips Bit
  3. Construction Adhesive
  4. Caulking Gun
  5. Levels (2’ & 4’)
  6. Power Drill (3/16” Masonry and 3/16” Metal drill bit)
  7. Safety Shoes, Gloves, Glasses, and Goggles
  8. Tapcon Fasteners   (¼” x 1-3/4”)    &    (¼” x 2-1/4”)
  9. Thin Set Adhesive Mortar   (for setting between stones)
  10. 2” Blue Painter’s Masking Tape

Some items that you may find useful in addition to the listed items above:

These are simply suggestions for what may be used during the installation process. You can find a gallery of images to represent the following items below the list. 


  1. Basic Hand Tool Set
  2. Rubber Gloves
  3. Sponge
  4. Mason’s Horsehair Brush
  5. Toggle-lock Heavy Duty Drywall Anchors
  6. Drop Cloths and Cardboard (for floor protection)
  7. 5-Gallon Plastic Bucket(s)
  8. Grout Mixing Paddle
  9. Stud Finder
  10. OSHA Approved Dust Mask

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