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Have you heard the news? Houzz has an amazing new video showcasing its idea books, products, and the ease of using the program to create your perfect room. Not only does Houzz provide a simple ‘click and buy’ feature which allows for a convenient and quick way to shop, but it also extends the ‘install and enjoy’ aspect that our DIY fireplace mantels are known for, to a larger audience. On this particular episode of Our Houzz, the Fobes family uses Houzz to aid in remodeling their living room. By using this wonderfully helpful tool, Nick and Rachel found and chose DeVinci Cast Stone’s Avant surround to bring each aspect of their living room together with great harmony.

Don’t have time to watch the whole video? Fast forward to timestamp 7:15 to see how they selected and installed the Avant fireplace mantel.


This Houzz video does a wonderful job of showcasing the problems the homeowners encounter, the solutions they come up with, and finally revealing all their hard work completed. It provides a good overview of how the Houzz website and app can be used during any stage of a remodel project. Houzz even offers a feature where you can place products into your home by using your phone’s camera to see how it will look before making the decision to purchase. With the beautiful fixtures, furniture, and decor selected by Nick, it is not surprising he chose the Avant to unify their outdated and worn down fireplace with the new modern look he created.



One important aspect of DeVinci Cast Stone’s DIY Fireplace Mantel product line is how easy it is to install these cast stone surrounds. We at DeVinci, have gone above and beyond to ensure that our designs are installer friendly and that the instruction manual contains very clear instructions. We also take pride in our sales and customer service team for being able to successfully and easily assist all clients, from architects and designers, to contractors and builders, and even your average homeowner and DIY-er! You can check out our website to see a short video on how easy it is to install these cast stone surrounds.






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