Purchasing a new cast stone fireplace surround is an exciting experience, but how do you take apart and unload a large custom crate? DeVinci Cast Stone has written some simple tips and guidelines in order to make this process a breeze.

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Receiving Shipment

The utmost care is taken at DeVinci’s factory to protect the integrity of the custom built shipping crates and the fireplace or range hood components within. In the event that the shipping container is damaged in transit, please be prepared to capture photo documentation of the damaged container prior to signing for receipt of the shipment. On the driver’s delivery receipt, please document shipping damages such as forklift cuts and gouges as well as signs of the crate being dropped or mishandled. The driver should initial all notations.

Please note that within twenty-four (24) hours of signing for receipt of the product(s), all must be uncrated and the contents inspected for damage. During the uncrating process, care must be taken to protect the integrity of the contents. Never stack stone materials upon one another without carefully placing foam packing material between them. At any point, should any damage be identified, DeVinci Cast Stone MUST be notified via telephone (405-680-5600) and/or email (mail@devincicaststone.com) within that 24-hour period. Such email notification MUST include photographic evidence of the damage(s) along with photographs of the crating and packing components. Should damage(s) be identified, DeVinci Cast Stone will work with the client in the most expeditious manner to bring resolution to the identified issue(s).

How It’s Crated

The bottom of the shipping crate is attached to a shipping pallet. Stones are laid on a n initial layer of foam and then stacked side-by-side and atop one another with a protective sheet of Styrofoam between all stone edges and faces.

Crate side walls are attached to the base and the crate contents are covered with a protective layer of plastic wrap.

The crate is then shot with expanding foam to secure all parts as one in a monolithic package. The crates themselves are heavy; however, after uncrating the contents, two people can move each piece carefully, as needed.


Step 1:

Remove the top lid and locate the packing list for use in checking the crate’s contents. The top lid is stapled on, so you may have to do some minor cutting to get the lid off the crate.

Step 2:

Remove the screws at the top, on the two sides where there are dotted lines to cut, or on the longer sides of the crate.

Step 3:

Using a box knife that has been adjusted for the thickness of the cardboard, slice the cardboard vertically just inside the corner posts on the long sides of the crate. Then lower the long sides down.

Step 4:

Lift the monolithic foam straight up and away from the crate (Note: in some instances there may be top and side pieces of foam).

Step 5:

Remove the protective plastic sheeting from the surround pieces and photograph the contents for documentation.

Step 6:

Remove individual components and place them on a clean and level surface, starting from the top down and outside in. Please take extra precautions by not sliding or dragging components from the middle or bottom of the crate to ensure no unnecessary friction causes any damage to the cast stone pieces. Some components are heavy or unwieldy, so you may need to have a few people handy in case more than one person is needed to move the pieces into place.

Step 7:

Using the packing list, inventory all crate items

Step 8:

Carefully inspect all contents for damages, while taking photos of all pieces for your records and documentation.


You have now successfully uncrated and inventoried your surround, and now you can begin the installation process on your new cast stone surround! Please see our blog on How to Install Your Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel for more information.

Please call DeVinci Cast Stone at (405)680-5600 if you have any questions during the uncrating of your fireplace mantel. You can also fill out our contact us form to reach out via email if this is your preferred method of contact.

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