Beauty has changed throughout the ages, and at one point we experienced the marvels of the Gothic era. With its flying buttresses, pointed, ribbed vaults, clustered columns, and towering heights of walls and windows, the Gothic style can be recognized fairly easily these days. During this time, it was all about light and height! The walls typically shrunk, while larger windows were inserted repeatedly to bring in more and more light. In the photo above you can see that DeVinci Cast Stone worked closely with their clients to create a magnificent focal point for this English styled home.

In terms of design, the proportionality wasn’t as prominent as it had been in the past, and with the inventive solutions to previous engineering problems, great new heights could now be achieved. New words were even created to describe these phenomenon’s, such as flamboyant and perpendicular, because of the observation of components like window tracery and pier moldings. Even some Gothic styled churches went as far as creating very ornate and highly decorated elements, such as stained glass windows and gargoyles.

Looking at the DeVinci Cast Stone Abbey Mantel, you can see the elements that were brought in from that era. While gargoyles weren’t entertained, the beauty of tracery and clustered columns were implemented. And of course, you can’t have a Gothic mantel without pointed arches, and ornate details. The Abbey takes the fundamentals of the Gothic style and ties them into a beautiful, grand mantel, without going over the top. Since it is one of our larger mantels, we also made sure to end the columns and arch based with a heavy plinth block that grounds the legs and shows a sturdy base. This mantel can have added grandeur with a matching over mantel (like the one shown at the top of the post) and our options of a custom filler panel opening, like the one shown directly above.

DeVinci also has the selections of raised hearths and even a panel wall with crown molding. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you want to design your Gothic or English styled mantle. Regardless if you play it up, or play it down, the magnificent English style will shine bright and be the center of attention for any room. DeVinci Cast Stone has an abiding love for all things Tudor or English, so what better way to honor classic architecture and design than to create a line of fireplace mantels inspired by this era?! Please take a look at the slideshow below to view the complete line of Old English Mantel Styles.

Interested in a Tudor/English fireplace mantel? Contact our amazing sales team to discuss options, sizing, and budget for your new fireplace project! We love making renovation dreams, like the one pictured below, a reality! For this project, our clients selected the Canterbury with optional cartouche, in Buff, and raised hearth.




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