When the Cox family found themselves wanting to update their fireplace mantel, they knew to turn to DeVinci Cast Stone for help. Out of our many fireplace surround options, the Cox’s fell head over heels for a transitional mantel named the Classic. The Classic mantel design has a simple and clean linear quality, with a timeless appeal that will compliment most any decor. In the case of this particular remodel, we suggested keeping the existing granite hearth and filler material, while adding the Classic mantel to provide a new spin on their previously lovely living area.


The Classic is offered on both our DIY, and our standard line of fireplace mantels. It has been designed for ease of installation, and in a way that allows for adjustable filler panels to fit a wide range of firebox sizes. The Classic has an ageless quality that does not overwhelm the eye, and while it has no mantel shelf, a depth of 8-1/4″ allows for just enough space to accessorize without projecting into the room. This particular mantel has three main components, left and right legs, in addition to a mitered header which emphasizes the unique corner joint, only offered by DeVinci Cast Stone. Although this mantel is offered in all our available color choices (Buff & Pearl shown below), the Cox’s selected our newest color, Soleil for their mantel.

To create the final look, a few adjustments were made to the existing firebox conditions. We had to relocate the gas valve to the side of the protruding wall where the firebox resides, in order to have room for the new mantel legs. The area above the firebox had to be repaired after the demolition of the original mantel left behind an unsightly space, since the original mantel stood a few inches taller than the new Classic. While these modifications were being made, the Classic was being cast at our facility in Oklahoma City so that it would be ready for installation as quickly as possible.

This mantel was cast to the exact width of the existing hearth, so that the Cox’s would not have to remove any additional trim, or do any extra, unnecessary work. DeVinci prides itself on working for the customer, and not making more work for the customer. After a speedy local installation, the Cox residence remodel was almost complete, but it was missing one final detail… the Cox’s personal touch. The Cox family was very pleased with the outcome, and the staff at DeVinci were more than ecstatic to assist in bringing our client’s aspirations to a reality.


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