At DeVinci Cast Stone, we pride ourselves on staying current. We are constantly looking to improve our designs, customer service, product manufacturing, and installation. While doing so, it appeared to be about time to look at one of our fireplace surrounds and give it a face-lift.

The Francesca has been a favorite since its design conception many years ago, and with its French country and Italian panache combination, it brings a grade presence to any room. While it has no ostentatious details, the delicate and flowing design of its profile give it an unparalleled look. Below you will find out what changes were made during the Francesca stone mantel redesign.

Combined Efforts From the Team

When redesigning our cast stone mantels, there can be a risk of losing some of the aesthetic of our original idea. However, DeVinci is about combining efforts when it comes to revamping our products. The process involves our sales team, designers, drafters, carpenters, the casting team, the quality assurance team, machinists, the shipping team, installers, and even the owners!

Why? Because everyone that comprises these areas have key insights into any strengths, and weaknesses, the current design may exhibit during the manufacturing and installation processes. For example, this could range from difficulty pulling the stone from the mold, or installation issues, due to component weight or joint location. With the collective information from all departments, we can make incredible improvements for the next configuration. We learned to implement these techniques from our sister companies, DeVinci Precast and Advanced Masonry!

 Change of Dimensions


Now, the Francesca is almost 60″ tall, compared to the previous 65″ height. It occupies an opening between the legs of 47-1/2″ compared to 46″.


This enables better proportions for viewing height and for firebox placement.


All other dimensions are either the same, or only slightly modified as the design review process deemed necessary. Check out the details here!

Reason For the Redesign

With this particular redesign there were a lot of updates to be made. We thinned the leg width, while adding some additional depth to the bottom to create a strong base. Additional details were added to the lower and upper legs. Allowing a continued detail on each side of the legs which provides a less “block-y” appearance from the front view. The profile for the upper leg was adjusted subtly to create a softer look, but allowing for a the same general feel as the previous design. This the new configuration creates just a touch of its own uniqueness.

The header had slight modifications that involved shortening the overall height. In addition to this change, we also designed new molds that gave our designers some flexibility when sketching up custom surrounds. The mantel shelf did not receive any changes to the overall design intent, but the molds have also been updated to accommodate adjustable widths for custom projects.

Overall, the new Francesca stone mantel redesign gives kudos to its predecessor while being able to shine all on its own. The mantel moves the eyes slowly around soft curves and dimensional shadows, all while highlighting the understated form. With delicate profiles, the Francesca will surely be a showstopper when installed in any home. Here at DeVinci, we are very proud of the final outcome, and we cannot wait to see what we will improve upon in the future! 

Interested In the New Francesca?

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