DIY Mantel FAQ

How do I order a DIY mantel?

Using our “How to Place an Order” guidelines is the first step. You may call the DeVinci Cast Stone office and speak directly to
our design staff at (405) 680-5600. Our design staff will send you a DIY measurement worksheet to complete and fax
back to us at (405) 680-9314 or send via email at To place your order, we will require
the signed quote, sketch with color selected, and payment in full. We accept all major credit cards online, by phone,
as well as checks by mail.

What is the lead time for my fireplace mantel?

DeVinci Cast Stone maintains an inventory of each Do-it-Yourself mantel in each color. Based on ordering, if your
mantel and color are available, DeVinci will ship next business day after payment. If your mantel is not in stock,
typical lead times range between two and four weeks. Call to check our inventory today at (405) 680-5600.

What type of fireboxes can DeVinci Cast Stone Mantels be used with?

Our cast stone surrounds can be used with most fireboxes, including masonry, metal, gas, wood burning, and electric.

How do I know if this will fit my existing firebox?

The DIY mantels are designed to fit most fireboxes ranging from 36” to 42” in width. You should have a minimum
72” wall width, except for the Classic II, which will require minimum 75” wall width. Call for a quick quote today 405-680-5600

How do I measure my firebox?

If your firebox is masonry or a metal wood burning box, then you will need to measure the height and width of the interior opening. If your firebox has operable glass doors, vents, louvers, and/or removable decorative fronts/screens, then you will need to measure the outside of the doors or screens, thus allowing accessibility for maintenance and use of the doors and vents. Please be aware of the distance from the floor to the bottom of your screen/door or firebox opening. Please see our measurement worksheet for more detailed information on how to take these measurements.

Why do I need filler panels?

Filler panels are used to bridge the gap between the firebox opening and the inner portion of the surround itself when the surround is larger than the firebox. Supplementary materials, provided by others, can also be used, such as marble, granite, or tile. All DIY mantels are shipped with hearth and filler panels, should these items be unnecessary in your application they can simply be discarded. 

What is the best location for my gas valve

The gas valve needs to be located outside the cast stone surround. We recommend placing the gas valve on a wall adjacent to the surround if possible. If your gas valve has already been installed, and will be in the way of the surround, we recommend contacting a plumber to relocate your gas valve to a more optimal place.

Who installs the fireplace mantel?

The new D.I.Y. mantels have been designed with ease of installation in mind. From contractors to experienced weekend warriors, installation should be a breeze with our detailed instruction manual and video. Our DeVinci staff is always available, during business hours, to offer technical support during the installation of your product.

Local building codes should always be consulted before beginning any construction project.

What is the fireplace mantel made of, and is it durable?

Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) along with special aggregate and techniques, we have created a fire resistant, and extremely durable surround. A mantel constructed of GFRC can withstand the heat of a very large fire and is also suitable for outdoor use. Your mantelpiece will not deteriorate or wear away when exposed to moisture, and the unique properties of this material also allows our mantels to resist cracking.

Can your cast stone fireplaces be left outside?

Our cast stone mantels are perfect for indoor and outdoor living spaces. You may elect to use a sealer such as Prosoco Sure Klean Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment.

Is a sealant recommended?

It is not required; however, we do recommend a matte finish sealer made especially for porous surfaces. Prosoco Sure Klean Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment is a water-based solution developed to provide long lasting penetrating protection without altering the stone’s natural appearance. Please wait approximately thirty (30) days after installation, to allow mortar to cure, before sealing your mantel. We also recommended cleaning before applying sealer. It is also recommended that the sealer be tested in a small, out of the way, area before applying to the entire mantel. If you have received a sample box, testing of the sealer is recommended on a sample that has been provided. If you have mortar residue on the face of the cast stone, it should be cleaned and allowed to dry before the sealing process is started. 

How do we clean after sealing?

After the sealing process is completed, you can then clean with mild soap and water, or most household cleaners. Always test any cleaners in a small area before using on your entire surround.

Can cast stone be painted?

Cast stone can be antiqued, faux finished, or distressed to give it the patina of age. We do not paint at the factory. Sealing is highly recommended since all cast stone is porous and subject to staining. Any high quality, clear, matte finish stone sealer may be used.

What colors are available for the DIY mantels?

The D.I.Y. mantels are available in Pearl or Buff. Cast stone will have naturally occurring variations in color, formations, and matrices, inherent as with any natural product, since cast stone resembles cut limestone. Subtle variations in material enhance the beauty of our mantels, therefore, color and composition will vary slightly from one blend to another. The variation is your assurance that our stone is almost an exact replica of the natural stone. We hand make and finish each piece to give you the look and feel of carved limestone at a significantly lower cost. Please consult your design professional or contractor for guidelines on what are acceptable variances in finish.

How is the stone fireplace mantel delivered?

All orders are manufactured from the DeVinci Cast Stone plant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and shipped by a common carrier to anywhere in the continental United States. The freight company will contact you 24-hours in advance to schedule delivery and will arrive at the delivery location with a lift gate. It will be the client’s responsibility to remove the crate from the lift gate. Clients can generally have 3-4 strong people to lift the crate or be prepared with equipment such as a forklift or a pallet jack.

In rare cases where the location is remote or in residential areas that do not allow large trucks, the client may need to arrange a secondary delivery. A white glove delivery option is available for an up-charge based on delivery location, this will allow the freight carrier to remove the crate from the truck and bring it up to the porch or into the garage, the freight company will not go inside your home or up any sets of stairs.

We do have the capability of shipping overseas, but this will require special accommodations according to regional import and exporting guidelines.

What if my cast stone surround arrives damaged?

While it is rare, if your surround arrives with apparent damage to the exterior or the crate, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN AND ACCEPT DELIVERY. Immediately contact a DeVinci sales representative and we will walk you through the steps of reconciliation. All claims on shipping damage to the cast stone fireplace mantel must be reported in writing to DeVinci Cast Stone within 24 hours of delivery. Please save all broken or damaged stone and all packaging material so we can make a claim with the freight company.

**Please refer to our transportation disclaimer on page 4 of our installation guide for further instructions.**

Is there a warranty?

Yes, our cast stone mantels are warranted to be free of any major design flaws and material defects for a period of one year from the date of delivery. Please note that the material defects exclude natural stone variation, typically inherent in the production of cast stone.


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