Over Mantels

An over mantel is the cast stone structure above the fireplace mantel. Over mantels can add splendor to any room. Their design can create areas suitable for fine art work, mirrors, statuary, or even a television.

Most of our fireplace mantels can accommodate over mantels. Over mantels can be modified by height only, and only to a certain extent. Prices are based upon square footage. Please contact us with any questions you may have in regards to custom over mantels. 

We would be happy to collaborate with you on design and create the look that would be unique for your home.

Valencia with OM3 Overmantel

Abbey with OM1 Overmantel

Antonella with OM5 Overmantel

Isabella with OM4 Overmantel

Bentley with OM6 Overmantel

Palazzo with OM5 Overmantel

Orleans with OM3 Overmantel

Parisian with OM7 Overmantel

Athens with modified OM2 Overmantel

Petite Portabella with OM2 Overmantel

Parisian with modified OM7 Overmantel

Borgata with OM1 Overmantel


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