About DeVinci: Founded in 1998

DeVinci Cast Stone specializes in the molding & manufacturing of precast concrete. The company was founded in 1998. Starting as a small-scale manufacturing plant for commercial precast work, DeVinci Cast Stone worked its way into the residential sector with a diverse selection of cast stone mantels. This product line has grown exponentially over the years and we now ship nationwide from our plant in Oklahoma City. 

Our Commitment to Quality

We specialize in the highest quality concrete finishes in the industry. Our material is formulated to have the appearance of natural limestone or travertine, with greater strength and flexibility. We produce a wide range of precast concrete options and our  line of mantels is our premier residential product line. Our plant is certified by the Architectural Precast Association, to uphold the highest quality standards. For more information on the APA, visit: WWW.ARCHPRECAST.ORG

Our Team

Mari Webber

Lead Designer

Mari Webber is DeVinci Cast Stone’s primary source of contact for pricing and technical information about our cast stone mantels. She takes the lead on both sales & drafting for our line of mantels. She has a career certificate in architectural drafting & design. Her experience reading residential construction drawings allows her to provide design advice, technical info, and helpful and creative solutions to give you the best final product. 

Juan Carlos

Quality Control Supervisor

Juan Carlos Motolinia is DeVinci’s patching & molding expert. He handles our most complicated patching in our line of mantels as well as in our commercial precast product line. He has over 17 years of experience in casting, patching, and mold construction. Every mantel that comes through our shop is handled with care by Juan Carlos and his helpers.

Shirley Byers

Fireplace Production Coordinator

 Shirley Byers is our quality control supervisor and she has been with DeVinci for a collective 10 years. Her years of experience in evaluating, repairing, and approving our cast stone products prior to client receival have contributed greatly to the success and quality of our mantels. Shirley is also responsible for maintaining our teams APA certifications. 


Tom Ciscewicz

Patching & Cleaning Expert

Tom is a Scottish-trained stone carver and historic restoration mason, Tom Ciszewicz has been putting his skills to good use as both sculptor and manager on many of DeVinci’s commercial and residential projects. Tom’s deep appreciation of all that is mortar and stone offer him a very welcome insight into our trade’s many secrets and practicalities.

Our Mantels

Our cast stone fireplace mantels preserve the quality, durability, and allure of cut or carved limestone at a more economical price. At first glance, it is difficult to differentiate between carved stone and cast stone fireplace surrounds. With our special wet cast process, we can replicate complicated designs with great clarity, and at a price that cannot be matched for by carved stone fireplace mantels. Fully cured, our cast stone fireplace surrounds will have compression strength of over 6,500 pounds, twice that of standard concrete. Other advantages of our fireplace surrounds include a reduced lead time, and uniformity in strength and color. The fireplace design possibilities are infinite with so many styles of stone mantels available.

About a living room with a stone fireplace.

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