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Here at DeVinci Cast Stone, we value our relationships with Trade Professionals immensely. Our mantels have been growing in popularity over the last several years and we are seeing an increase in interest in our modern and transitional mantels for remodels and even new constructions. 

It is our goal to help you achieve the best results at the lowest cost to you and your clients. This can be achieved through preplanning and coordinating building plans for use with our products, or by allowing our design team to experiment with our vast collection of mantels and sizes to find the best one for your purposes. 


Trade Pros who work primarily in preplanning and design will have the best opportunity for coordination with our products for the lowest cost and best fit. This is because rather than modifying the mantel to fit around the firebox after it is installed, we can help you plan the selection & placement of it in advance.

However, there are still benefits to be obtained by trade pros working with remodels and renovations. Our expansive library of CAD files is available online, which allows you to see what modifications (if applicable) are able to be made with each mantel. This can help reduce need for back-and-forth communications between you and our design team, which will in turn reduce the time it takes to resolve design details and start the production timeline.

DeVinci Cast Stone is also proud to offer a trade volume discount for individuals and companies that participate in interior design, architecture, new construction, or remodeling.

An application of a living room with a fireplace and zebra rug.
An elemental living room with black walls and white furniture.


  • Comparable texture to natural limestone at a
    fraction of the cost.
  • Lower weight, which contributes to lower shipping
    costs and easier installations.
  • Adjustable designs that can conform to existing
    jobsite conditions or special requirements dictated
    by building plans.
  • GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is non-combustible and has compression strength of over 6,500 pounds, twice that of standard concrete
  • GFRC material allows for the mantels to be installed
    indoors or outdoors.
  • Customized setting drawings, mounting hardware,
    and color matched grout mix provided.


We understand that budget is almost always the most important factor when it comes to material and product selections, so the first phase in ordering is to provide pricing. For a preliminary quote, we only need three pieces of information. These include: mantel selection, shipping ZIP code, and firebox rough size. More specifics will be required later, but for the purpose of an initial quote, these are the only pieces of information needed.

After a price has been approved by you or your clients, DeVinci will begin the design process. To design the mantel, we will require that you provide either the specification sheet for the firebox or a filled out measurement worksheet (if the box is already installed). With these measurements, we will propose a suggested design for you which will serve as a start point for our revisions.

A laptop on a table with a cactus on it.
A black and white invoice for builders.

The ordering process will always require the same two documents: one approved dimensional drawing, and one approved corresponding estimate. After receiving these, you will receive a 50% deposit invoice via email. These can be paid online by card or by a mailed check. The payment may come from your company, you, or your client.

After contract documents and payment are received, the production timeline will begin. The mantel will be produced to the exact specifications on the signed dimensional drawing. On average, our mantels take 6-8 weeks from order date to delivery. When the mantel is ready for shipment, we will send completed photos and the final invoice. Final payment is due before shipment can be arranged.   


For more info or to sign up to become a DeVinci Trade pro,
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To reach out to our Lead Designer, Mari Phelps, directly,
please email her at mariphelps@devinciprecast.com or
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We look forward to working with you!

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