The Ordering Process

We would be delighted to discuss your project, recommend design possibilities or answer any questions you may have. Please send us an email at and a sales associate will reach out to discuss the best available options.

First, we need measurements of your room and firebox. Use the printable firebox measurement form to gather the information at your site. This information will help your sales representative estimate any special requirements. You may enter your measurements in the PDF worksheet or print a copy of the worksheet, and send a completed form to We may contact you if any additional information is needed.

  1. The firebox will determine a great deal of the aesthetics of the entire fireplace. We recommend as large an opening as possible. We prefer the prefabricated or masonry firebox, without doors and louvers, although we can work with any firebox you have or prefer.
  2. When measuring the opening, it is necessary to allow for any vent, louvers or doors that need to remain exposed. Please check your specifications for clearance needed to remove and reinstall the glass door assemblies.
  3. The flush masonry, or metal wood-burning firebox will allow you the greatest amount of flexibility and accommodate decorative, arched filler panels.
  4. When using metal boxes, it is imperative that you note how much of the metal you wish to have covered or exposed. Always be careful to allow for the space needed to remove and replace the glass doors.
  5. With a custom filler panel, we can allow for arches in louvered metal boxes. A template must be provided to match your doors, so we can size them correctly.
  6. Raised fireboxes are often preferred and can be accommodated by our raised panels and hearth options.

For detailed measuring instructions “click here”.

After receiving your measurements, we will get back to you with a line item proposal that includes a quote for the cost of the cast stone mantel, optional hearth and filler panels, customizations, crating, and shipping to your job site. When you decide to proceed, we will provide detailed AutoCAD drawings. To place the order, please review and sign both the proposal and the drawing, with color and finish selected. If you need color samples to determine which color to proceed with, they will be provided free of charge during the approval sketch phase. Note that no changes can be made after production has begun. We strongly suggest your careful review of the details on the drawings. A 50% down payment is required to start the manufacturing process. If you prefer to pay by credit card, we take all major credit cards. Your sales representative will send you a link to pay online, or you can call to pay over the phone. You may also mail in a check if that is your preferred payment method. The full balance is due before shipping. A final invoice will be issued at that time, along with a photo of your freshly completed fireplace.

Standard surrounds typically ship within 6 to 8 weeks of the receipt of the signed contract. Production can run longer if your mantel requires modifications. Custom orders are estimated and scheduled separately. Fast Favorites mantels have a shorter lead time, which varies based on current volume of orders. Please consult a DeVinci sales team member for accurate lead times on Fast Favorites mantels. Although we cannot expedite the manufacturing process, please feel free to let us know if you have a specific time frame, and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you.

You will be notified once your order is ready for shipment. We will email pictures of your completed mantel for your review, and a final invoice will be issued at that time. You will receive a shipping confirmation by email. The confirmation will have your contact and tracking information. At this time, we will send installation and uncrating instructions, in addition to some helpful tips and frequently asked questions. Typical transit time is roughly 3 to 5 business days. Upon arrival in your area, a freight dispatcher will call to set up an appointment delivery. Please furnish us with a current phone and email to which we can provide on the BOL to help control delivery on your end.

*Please see our Transportation Disclaimer for more information regarding shipping*

Our products are manufactured in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and shipped by a common carrier to anywhere in the Continental United States. We will always request a lift gate for your convenience, and in most cases one will be available. If loading equipment will not be provided by the freight carrier, DeVinci will provide sufficient notice so that the client may obtain alternate means for unloading. In rare cases, where the location is remote or in residential areas that do not allow large trucks, the customers may have to arrange a secondary delivery. If you are not ready for shipment upon the manufactured completion date, DeVinci can hold your order for up to six weeks, provided that the balance is paid in full. Thereafter, DeVinci will charge $250.00 monthly for storage. DeVinci will bill 100% percent of the contract amount, to be paid in fifteen (15) days of invoice.

Damages must be reported in writing within 24 hours of delivery. Please save all broken stone and all packaging material so we can make a claim with the freight company. Note, photographs of damage will be required after proper notification. DeVinci Cast Stone will replace any broken stone at no charge to you, usually within 10 to 14 days. Please refer to our Installation Guide for more information.
DeVinci Cast Stone fireplaces are warranted to be free of any major design flaws and material defects for a period of one year from the date of delivery. Please note that material defects excludes natural color variation, typically inherent in the production of cast stone.
Sales Tax is applicable for all sales. This includes orders picked up by customers at our Manufacturing Facility.
An ordering diagram depicting the components of an air fireplace.

Understanding Your Options

Hearths can be used with your fireplace to achieve a certain look and are the base that your stone mantel sits on.

When the desired cast stone fireplace mantel is larger than the firebox, filler panels are used to bridge the area between the firebox opening and the surround.

Panel walls are modular units of cast stone, creating a custom wall veneer backdrop for your cast stone mantel. Panels can be made to fit your design needs.

Colors & Textures

We offer colors in both Smooth and Travertine textures.

Our Smooth finish has a classic limestone appearance with a uniformed background and a flat, slightly textured surface. All of our cast stone products are available in our Smooth finish. 

The Travertine texture resembles aged handpicked old-world stone, reclaimed from European estates. This finish is created by hand with meticulous techniques, and results in one-of-a-kind works of art. Should you be interested in our unique Travertine finish, please inquire for more information.

Travertine finish is an additional charge, and not available for all surrounds. 


DeVinci offers a variety of hearth options for your fireplace mantel choice. Hearths can be used with your fireplace to create additional height for seating or to create an opulent appearance. Below is our fireplace hearth options and designs to assist you with the purchase of your fireplace surround. All hearth options shown below are offered in two thicknesses, 1-1/2″ (our standard) and 3″. 


A grey square on a white background.


A gray sheet of paper on a white background, accompanied only by the presence of hearths.


Raised Panels

A 3D image of a grey box with a lid, showcasing the Hearths motif.


A stunning 3D image showcasing a beautifully designed curved glass shelf.


A grey plastic box on a white background.


Edge Options

An image of a grey concrete block on a white background.


A grey ledge on a white background, reminiscent of hearths.


An image of a gray board on a white background.


An image of a grey box on a white background.


**all options pictured above are shown in the 3″ hearth thickness**

Filler Panels

Filler panels are used to bridge the area between the firebox opening & the surround when the desired cast stone fireplace mantel is larger than the firebox. You may choose from a combination of edge profiles and layouts, which may enhance the look of your mantel. Other non-combustible materials can be used such as marble, granite or tile.


An image of a fireplace surround with filler panels on a white background.


An image of a fireplace with filler panels on a white background.


An image of a fireplace with filler panels.


A white background with a fireplace and filler panels.


A 3D rendering of a fireplace mantel with filler panels.


A fireplace image with filler panels on a white background.


Edge Options

A grey board on a white background, used as filler panels.


An image of a grey box on a white background.


An image of a grey concrete block on a white background.


Panel Walls

Panel Walls are modular units of cast stone, creating a custom wall veneer, which can be a stunning backdrop for our fireplace mantels. Made from the same material as our cast stone mantles, panels can be customized to meet your design requirements

An image of a fireplace with a fire in it, surrounded by panel walls.

Contempo Panel Wall

A kitchen with walls adorned with paneling and a large island with stools.

Two Bar Counter Panel Wall

A fireplace with a tv panel above it on the living room walls.

Windsor Panel Wall

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